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Susan Morgan Robinson was born on a Leap Year Day to Mayor and Mrs. John Talmadge Robinson, in Carrollton, Georgia into a family of Scottish and Irish ancestry.  She was raised in a learned atmosphere of free thinking tolerance. She was an avid reader and by the age of six had read every book in the Carrollton Public Library. At the age of twelve, she won the state essay contest from the Daughter of the American Revolution for her essay entitled " Sidney Lanier, Georgia's Sweetest Singer of Songs". Among her most cherished early childhood memories of Carrollton of her personal interactions with Susan Hayward. 

"Susan Hayward would come over to my Aunt Nell's for fittings for her gowns. Sometimes I'd be there, just hanging around as Mother always hoped and prayed I'd learned to sew. I never did. But Susan Hayward would load me up in her pickup casually dressed as she always was in her tight fighting jeans with a rope tied around her waist for a belt and we'd ride up to the Jitney Jungle to shop for her groceries, me in my pigtails riding in the front seat of her grocery cart, and we'd talk about how much she loved Carrollton or how much I wanted to go away to some faraway land and she'd tell me how boring movie stars were and she'd tell me how much nicer Carrollton folks were. She would make time for me and was always so kind to me and would tell me what a smart and pretty little girl I was before we would go back to my Aunt Nell's." And to this day that's still how I relate to all famous people whether it's a President, movie star or a Prince, just the way I did to Susan Hayward." 

Then there was that first Kennedy Kiss.  

"Robert F.  Kennedy came to town to dedicate a chapel to his brother, John, and he stopped by the Maple Street school and he picked me out of all the other kids and lifted me up in his arms and hugged me real tight and kissed me right on the cheek right in front of all of everyone. It made me feel so special and all the teachers said to never wash my face again and I remember really worrying for a long time if they were serious." 

Susan entered the Oak Mountain Academy in the Seventh Grade and distinguished herself under the tutelage of Professor Karen Rollins as an excellent debater winning the State Championship Title for the Academy as Top Team and Top Speaker for the consecutive years 1972 and1973. She also excelled in drama and music and had the starring role in the critically acclaimed production of the Oak Mountain Academy's " The Curious Savage" with Susan starring as Mrs. Savage and won the OMA Drama Award. Susan also was the Editor of the first high school annual ever to have been published by the Academy. At the Academy she also was a well rounded student and was elected to the Student Council, The Bell Choir, The Soccer Team, the  Volley Ball Team, French  and Geometry Awards, and attended the Presidential Classroom for Young Americans in Washington, DC She was and struggles to remain an avid tennis player, equestrian, cliff diver and snorkeler. She also participated in the weekly-required Assembly musical or skit presentations in the OMA drawing room by singing, acting, or playing her guitar. 

Beginning in the summer at the age of thirteen, she was treated to a transatlantic education and attended during the summers a number of university and college programs and was tutored in Bruges, Belgium, Paris, France, Florence and Rome, Italy, London, England, and Lucerne, Switzerland in various subjects including applied art, art history, international politics, history, literature and applied music (piano and guitar) and music history. Today her music  compositions and recordings reflect her exposure to these cultures. She also worked and traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean, especially Jamaica. 

She graduated from the Oak Mountain Academy in 1973 as Valedictorian and was named Carrollton's Junior Citizen of the Year. She attended a number of experimental acting and political programs in London involving drama and politics and was awarded a debating scholarship to The Colombian College of  Arts and Sciences of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  While attending college, she studied international politics, presidential speech writing and decided to pursue a career in law. In 1978, She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with High Distinction in Speech Communications and Broadcasting in 1978. She worked at the Senate for U. S. Senator Sam Nunn and befriended Senator Herman Talmadge. Later, she worked for President Jimmy Carter writing position papers for his Presidential campaign and began writing speeches for the Former First Lady Rosalyn Carter under the direction of Mary King, the wife of Peter Bourne, the Psychiatrist who is credited with having talked Carter into running for President and the inventor of Methadone.

While at The George Washington University, Susan was awarded the prestigious and coveted Isaac Davis Cup for Public Speaking, for a speech entitled " The Paranoid Style of American Politics". It is a highly competitive Annual Silver Cup given to one George Washington Senior per year for the Best Oration. She was the first and only woman and only Georgian to ever win the award. For this, First Lady Rosalyn Carter sent her a warm letter from the White House congratulating her on behalf of all Georgians. She met the first love of her life. After Graduation from college, Susan attended the Gambrell School of Law at 
the Emory Law School. Her advocacy skills were recognized by her immediate participation in the highly competitive Emory Moot Court Society and her Freshman Brief was selected for permanent placement in the files of the Emory Law Library for Excellence in Brief Writing.  She was a gifted writer for the Emory Law Times and two of her articles; " A Case of MultiNational MalPractice" on the Dalkon Shield and "Judicial Homicide of Children" was featured as front-page feature stories. Morgan, as she was now called after her beloved  brother, James Morgan Robinson who died shortly after he was born, also performed, in the Law School Follies, with her own Band as the featured keyboardist and vocalist/performer in the Law School Blues Band, performing original compositions, the most popular of which was "Dragonlady Blues" a parody about Nancy Reagan. 

In 1982, Morgan Robinson earned her Juris Doctor from the Emory Law School in  Atlanta, Georgia. She entered the private practice of law in Atlanta,  Georgia and been a member of the State Bar of Georgia since that time. Upon graduation, she primarily counseled clients in the field of entertainment law and criminal and civil litigation. She was for many years the attorney for the Grammy Awards and was awarded the President's Award by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for her many years of service. Through her law practice, she has met and counseled numerous celebrities, and been fortunate to counsel, work with or meet  many Presidents and First Ladies and even members of various royal families, including the late H.R.H. Princess Diana during the Olympic negotiations. She was the Chairwoman for the State Bar of Georgia's Entertainment and Sport Law Section Luncheon Lecture Series for five years and has served on the Senate Music Industry Committee for the State of Georgia. Robinson has made numerous radio and television appearance over her twentyplus-year career in the entertainment industry.  Her appearances have included The Layman's Lawyer, Savannah, West Coast Jazz, The Buckhead Weekly, and PowerLunch. and Atlanta and Company. She is well known in the entertainment litigation field for securing the rights of visual artists and  for continuing to expand the area of premise liability law for artists while they are on tour. She has been featured in a number of publications including the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, the Atlanta Business Chronicle, The Times Georgian,The Wall Street Journal,  and numerous other national and international publications. She has served as an adjunct professor of law at the Georgia State University and as a visiting professor to numerous other colleges and universities. Morgan Robinson is the President of her own firm Morgan Robinson, P.C. located in the Buckhead district of Atlanta, Georgia.

 In 2000, she was founded a production company and began recording original compositions. Her debut CD is released. Robinson has studied drama with Betty Roberts Motes (the Mother of Julia Roberts and founder of the Actors Workshop) and voice with Jan Smith, the former Executive Director for the Grammys.  She was married to R. Andersson from April  7, 1982 until Apri1 7, 1992. 2012 she married Alejandro of Uruguay.She has one son J. Andersson. She recently released 'Morgan and Friends"  on Watershed Records to critical acclaim with her friend and co-producer Joe Gransden. It was featured on WABE, Jazz Classics on the H Johnson Show., one original, one duet, and one solo. She is still  practicing law, transcribing her journals and living in the Woods of Briarlake, Atlanta, Georgia with her bulldogs, Maybelline and Gracie and her Whippet Bella.

The Subpoena

By Robert Morris, writer and Press Representative for Governor Roy Barnes
Written and Read for Susan Morgan's Robinson Birthday Celebration at the 
Piedmont Driving Club hosted By Mrs. Bruce F. Woodfruff, Jr.

Great is Morgan; She has conquered Seven Kingdoms
First was the kingdom of Radical Ideas:
Then it was Senator Sam, really, women, get thee to the mail room or kitchen? 
But instead of yessiring and pushing that hornable's stamp of approval,
She used inflexion and accent to question old order.

Great is Morgan; She has conquered Seven Kingdoms.
Second is the Kingdom of Law and Order:
Paper chasers and the all night revue busters on caffeine and status,
She asked nightowls to chase more than their own tails,
But cause and conviction, in a law can be harsh
Without public sacrifice, efficient but equitable.

Great is Morgan; She has conquered Seven Kingdoms.
The Third is the Kingdom of the Closed Door:
Music was great liberator, frequencies that set free
Were almost recorded symbols of value
Where contracts are cut in the man's world,
Until she kicked in the door and demanded her twirl.

Great is Morgan; She has Conquered Seven Kingdoms.
The fourth was the Kingdom of Motherhood;
In this World of immovable shields and sheltering Barbarians
That brandish the irrestible sword
And lead back to broken palaces, she was made
Constant negotiator and shape changer to raise this brilliant boy.

Great is Morgan; She has conquered Seven Kingdoms.
The fifth is the Kingdom of Friendship.
When the call won't come in, she makes it,
When we dislike a thing, she'll change it.
When we want to go nowhere, she comes with us,
And when the barbarians invades us, she chortles with it.
Her friendship is freedom of mind.

Great is Morgan. She has conquered Seven Kingdoms.
The sixth is the kingdom of Comedic Presence.
Last night it was woo-woo and oooh-ooh,
They did what and yes without what and way layed
Past that which accosts and offends into the realm
Of divine humor that saves us from embracement-
Some lions she lions 
A stallion of wit.

Great is Morgan; She has conquered Seven Kingdoms.
The seventh is the Kingdom of the Old Soul;
One of the Shakespeare's actors with sword or chicken leg and baud,
Or yet again a Duchess whose court yields
Great Renaissance wonders, defeat without danger,
The epochs of transient are not her matter,
No, Morgan lives for the fullness or time.

Robinson ties to Carrollton and her father, former Mayor John Talmadge 
Robinson, remains strong. " My favorite things in the World to do is to drive 
to Carrolton and eat a homemade sandwich with my son and my Father in 
Carrollton on a quiet Saturday afternoon.  Just the three of us eating a 
turkey and Swiss sandwich on whole wheat bread talking about how folks and 
things in Carrollton is the best there is.  I treasure those moments in time 
more than any in the whole wide world."


Jeremy Andersson was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Susan Morgan Robinson and Ralph Andersson of Ellington, Connecticut.  Jeremy earned his first title of Little Mister Dogwood from the Atlanta Playhouse Theater Guild at the tender age of four when he excelled in the field of oral interpretation of literature and drama by reciting poetry, " Pussy Pussy Cat Where Have You Been" to a crowd of journalists and drama critics at Georgia Tech auditorium  in Atlanta, Georgia in May of 1988.  He is a stellar athlete in the sports of baseball, tennis, golf and football and a gifted thespian.  He attended the finest boarding school in the nation in  Asheville North Carolina, The Asheville School.  He lettered in junior varsity and varsity football and baseball and has held starring roles in "Twelfth Night, Once Upon A Mattress, and Godspell". He was elected cast captain for his excellence in drama during his Fifth Form year for his performance in "Once Upon a Mattress". He was the Vice President of the Senior Class at the Asheville School and shows great promise in the field of leadership and politics. He graduated from Oglethorpe University with a B.A. in Political Science and has pursued a career in insurance . A gifted vocalist, guitarist and pianist, he is also Founder, President and CEO of his own digital marketing company and is certified as a digital strategic marketer with training in search engine optimization and analytics from Columbia University and remains active with many politically philanthropic and charitable organizations as well as Alumni activities for The Asheville School and Oglethorpe University. He currently runs the digital marketing at a beautiful Alpaca farm near Atlanta. Jeremy remains the greatest joy and proudest accomplishment of his mother's life.  

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